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Monday, May 12, 2008

Social Anxiety | Stop Your Paranoia!

Paranoia or being paranoid is a magnified mistrust of others not based on fact, and characterized by excessive anxiety or fear.

Paranoia is often experienced by those suffering from social anxiety or social phobia. Paranoia can often be misdiagnosed as social anxiety, schizophrenia, and other conditions. Social anxiety can also often be misdiagnosed as paranoia.

Stop Your Paranoia!

Whether you have been diagnosed with paranoia or with social anxiety, depression, or any other condition, living with paranoia is extremely difficult.

You’re in constant turmoil believing everyone is “out to get you” so to speak. You feel everyone is talking about you and judging your every move.

Most people will experience paranoia at some point in their lifetime. Anxiety and stress factors can play a huge role in paranoid feelings.

To stop your paranoia is to stop and redirect your thoughts. Negative thoughts play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and they play right into feelings of paranoia.

An easy way to stop these negative thoughts is to visualize a huge, red stop sign in your mind and say the word STOP! Say it out loud and loud if you must to redirect your thoughts.

Practice makes perfect, so it will take time to stop the negative thoughts and to stop your paranoia, so don’t give up!


  1. i have this problem but would feel like an idiot screaming STOP in front of people. don't want them to think i'm even more crazy

  2. It's a good idea actually, but remembering to actually tell yourself to stop is the hard part. The mind is powerful, it just takes focus to control it.

    I have issues with focus... I'm a bit adhd AND anxious... and because of my anxiety I have even ruined some relationships with friends and loved ones. It's not good... It's something you have to try and deal with on a daily basis...

    Keep it in mind that this type of thinking is a glitch in your mind. Keep telling yourself that it can be fixed with focus by using techniques like this. It can be fixed. It will start to come naturally, but change will only come with focus.

    Think about it... life is hard enough... And living without these kind of issues, you could be enjoying yourself and others around you... you are wasting time with these feelings. Conquer them, and set yourself free.

  3. Great comments! You're right Pat, if I'm not able to scream STOP out loud, then I do it in my head. It helps.

    You nailed it Mike. It has a lot to do with focus. It's easy to "not" do something and just let it become a way of life.

    But allowing that means you're missing out on life as well.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Milli4:15 PM

    Sometimes i'm fine but when the paranioa begins I dont even reconsise its happening I just clam up and feel I cant speak to people anymore because.. I dont really know why I just feel like an odd one out like I shouldnt be in that place and no one wants me around. You cant just tell yourself 'stop' I swear its impossible i try but it doesnt work, i cant even look people in the eyes and then it makes it worse coz im not joining in or making contact with everyone so I imagine people thinking 'whats wrong with her? shes acting weird' a big circle of shit. I'm not diagnosed or anything but just realising I might have this.

  5. So true, Milli. As Mike said, the mind is very powerful and more often than not, you don't even realize what's going on.

    You have to keep reinforcing the positive. You are better than this disease. You are an awesome person. Say it, and don't let any negatives come in to tear you down.

    Do you have problems receiving compliments, too? A lot of people with Social Anxiety find it hard to accept a compliment. The next time someone compliments you, accept it. Don't counter the compliment with a "but..."

    There's a lot of little things that go on in our minds that are very powerful. Remember, positive thoughts and compliment yourself. You are worth it.

  6. Milli8:52 AM

    empIts weird cozI dont have any problem taking compliments, I personally dont think theres anything wrong with me; I know im pretty and intelligent thats not a problem. i just have always felt that other people dont want me around. like i swear when i walk into a room or if im in a room of people no one talks to me or each other as if im stopping their converstaions coz they dont wanna say anything around me and then when i walk out the room i hear people start talking again and the room gets louder.. ive told people this that i do feel comfatable with and they say its just paranioa but i swear it does
    actually happen.

  7. Anonymous9:27 PM

    milli your defonitly not alone.. when i was reading your comments my mouth just fell open because everything you said happens to me... i ust to b fine.. walk into a room and start yappin away to ppl not worried about wat they say or do or anything no worrys in the world.. but recently i get freaky paraniod around ppl even my mates. iv lost alot of friends ovr it to,, i think i no wen the paranioa started tho.. yrs ago i ust to take any amount a pills nd smokin and stuff an i was always sound bt then i had a FUCKD up week end... alot of things happnd in a short period of time but anyway wen i got hme i was havin exteam nightmares wen i was able to sleep an wen i cudnt i was so paraniod i had to sleep in the sittin room (no curtains in my room) becuase i was convinced sum1 was watchin me from outside.. even in the sittin room i had to keep checkin there wasnt any cracks in the curtains wer sum1 cud luk in an if i herd anything like the roof creekin id freak... but anyway i thut i got ovr it after a few days cos i was sound but since then iv noticed it creepin bak slowly wen i be drinkin or chatin to ppl sumtin... just not able to think of anythin to talk about or dat sorta thing.. i started college recently and bin to a few ppls houses bt i always tend to leave once i notice myself becoming paraniod or anxious.. iv basicly cut off conections with most ppl i no ovr it (not on purpose) and its only makin it worse... i find the best thing to help anyones mental stability is excersize... by far.. i started MMA cage fightin feal great over it.. here dis getin bit long im goin haha just had to comment cos ya took the words outa my mouth.. sortov amazed actualy.. haha neway gluk.. :) add me on facebook if ya want.. send me email il add ya my page private.. neway gluk! :)

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