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Sunday, March 02, 2008

8 Quick Tips To Raise Your Self Confidence

Social Anxiety GamesAs I discussed earlier, social anxiety often goes hand in hand with low confidence and low self esteem. 

Why is it important to raise your confidence level? There are many important reasons why you should raise your self confidence. 

One of the biggest is it makes life much more fulfilling when you have the confidence to do just about anything.

People with social anxiety need to raise their self confidence and self esteem for a much quicker recovery from social anxiety. It isn't necessarily hard to raise your self confidence or self esteem, but it is something that needs to be practiced every day.

So, here are 8 quick tips you can to do raise your self confidence.

  1. Give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself over and over how confident you ARE.

  2. Practice answering questions (from others). Instead of saying "okay" say "I'd be happy to," or "I certainly can!" Practice by yourself beforehand; it's empowering.

  3. Smile... a lot!

  4. Impress yourself. Do things to reward yourself instead of trying to please others all the time. Please yourself instead.

  5. Hang awards, certificates, or accomplishments all over your house or in just one room. If you don't have any, go online and print some free ones. I'm not saying make something up, but everything you do in life is an accomplishment. Be creative.

  6. Imitate Self Confident people. Pick someone who you think has confidence and imitate them. A neighbor, a friend, someone on television, it doesn't matter.

  7. Stand up straight and tall. Walk with a purpose.

  8. Wear clothes YOU feel are flattering. Same thing with your hairstyle, or any other part of your appearance you like.

Those are 8 quick tips to raise your self confidence that you can start implementing today. They are small things, but enormous once you've practiced and mastered them.


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  3. i gotta do all tjose steps more often.


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