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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Social Anxiety | Perfectionism Is A Huge Flaw

Those suffering from social anxiety, or those with anxiety provoking traits, more often than not are perfectionists. Perfectionism is a huge flaw for those suffering from anxiety. It sounds a bit too simple, and maybe it is, but it's not as easy to cure.

Think about it. If you are a perfectionism, you have huge expectations about yourself, sometimes so high, you will never meet those expectations. The more you try, the more anxiety you cause yourself.

Perfectionism Is A Huge Flaw

You end up driving yourself so hard you end up with stress, exhaustion, and burnout. Every time you tell yourself you "should" or you "must" or you "have to" you push yourself beyond natural limits. You stop enjoying, and you do out of pure anxiety.

So what do you do? You just stop. Yeah, wouldn't that be nice.

  • You have to realize you are worthy by just being you, not what you accomplish or achieve in life.
  • Stop the negative thoughts of you should, or you must, or you have to; do because you sincerely want to do something.
  • Don't fret over small mistakes. Seriously, who really cares?
  • Concentrate on all the positives instead of the negatives.
  • Be honest and don't set your goals too high.

If you see that perfectionism is a huge flaw when you have social anxiety, you can actively begin to change how you think and feel about yourself in a more positive way.

So, give me a huge smile and say I don't have to be perfect! Or, if you need a little more help, check out this book called Too Perfect, when being in control gets out of control. Good Luck!


  1. This Blog is right on-- Perfectionism is a major component and aggravator of social anxiety.

    I struggled with perfectionism for years, and it is one of the main things to deal with in overcoming it (along with letting go of control issues).

    Here is another great article on social anxiety and perfectionism:


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